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SAP for service providers

Do you sell knowledge as a service? If so, Allgeier is the right partner for you.

We help you assemble the ideal project teams and optimize all processes. You benefit from our years of consulting experience, industry expertise, efficient IT solutions and streamlined processes across the whole SAP environment. All of which leaves you perfectly placed to deliver optimized service to your customers.

Efficient project management

To steer projects to a successful conclusion, you need a permanent flow of information about how each task and process is progressing. Essential core data – on the overall status, on timing issues and on budget compliance, for example – has to be captured and monitored at all times.

All the information, metrics and data you need for your projects are shown together in one place on the Allgeier dashboard. That gives you the tools you need to respond quickly to deviations from plan and make the right adjustments.

The ideal team for every project

Every project stands or falls by the people involved in it. The golden rule is always to put together a team whose education and qualifications make them best suited to work together. Only then will projects be successful – for your customers, and hence for you too.

Allgeier's functionality for SAP ERP lets you plan personnel deployments efficiently and assign each individual to the project that suits them best. Relevant criteria such as education, qualifications, project experience and availability are captured and factored in automatically.

Less administration – more projects!

Administrative tasks such as time recording, vacation applications and travel expenses are part and parcel of every project – and can waste valuable time for your staff. Smart, intuitive web applications and mobile apps from Allgeier improve efficiency and keep bureaucracy to a minimum.

Wherever they are, whatever the time, your people can handle necessary project administration efficiently from their desk or by smartphone or tablet. That leaves them free to devote their full attention to their real project work. Our software solutions also enable services to be invoiced swiftly, as the most common billing procedures are set by default.

Sustainably optimizing liquidity

The time between service provision and invoicing is critical to your liquidity. Automating every process – from tender to receipt of payment – can significantly reduce this period.

We supply you with the efficient SAP solutions you need for this purpose and graft them into your existing processes. That sustainably optimizes your liquidity.

Simplifying intercompany settlement

Cross-border projects often require a company's subsidiaries or country organizations to work together. The services rendered then have to be settled internally across company codes, a process known as intercompany settlement. We help you to automate these entries to ensure that settlement runs quickly and smoothly.