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Enterprise solutions from Allgeier

There is no question that SAP's HANA technology has triggered a paradigm shift, and that this technology stack will, in the years ahead, determine the pace of innovation. SAP HANA is a powerful, seamless platform that paves the way to the digital future. Doing so, however, will necessarily involve the radical adaptation of processes (digitization) and the creation of new business models (the digital transformation).

That said, the impact of moving over to SAP HANA is still not yet fully clear. The hoped-for potential can be tapped only if the relevant businesses are deeply involved. The technological possibilities and restrictions make it vital to limit and weigh up the real options. The new technology forces companies to think long and hard about their human capital in IT and, in some cases, about redesigning their value chain.

SAP HANA has the potential to be a major driver of innovation. And if this potential is to be exploited, the available options must be considered carefully. Once you have chosen the right option for a given context, you set in motion a multi-year change process that embraces many areas of your organization. Meticulous preparation and planning are essential, together with a strategic project that is launched with an appropriately far-sighted perspective. Requirements, IT landscapes and a roadmap are the components that must be hammered out, and that takes time. If you get it right, though, you have a valid roadmap for the coming years, and everyone concerned knows what lies ahead of them.

SAP Analytics at last delivers on the promise of the near-real-time provisioning of management information. It gives the people responsible up-to-date information in sufficient depth and breadth to underpin robust decisions.

Compliance and SAP security have seen their importance rise sharply in recent years. The professional management of rights and users is not only vital to IT security: It is also a key lever with which to optimize application management and license costs.

We provide you with a broad spectrum of enterprise solutions from the SAP portfolio.

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