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SAP portfolio

The SAP universe is in transition. Alongside classic products such as ECC 6.0, SAP BW/BO, SAP APO etc., new product lines such as SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud are gaining in significance.

The new digital world demands powerful platforms that let companies experiment, give them the agility to adapt to changes and do not hinder the sharing of data between their individual entities. Applications for new business models need to be crafted quickly. Processes must be made more efficient. Systems must be introduced faster and with fewer risks. IT costs must be cut.

Cloud solutions can deliver extensive functionality quickly, at low cost and with minimal risk. As such, they are certainly a viable alternative to conventional on-premise ERP systems. They are a logical continuation of the shift away from the traditional "What would you like?" approach to the "Let us show you the way!" approach. These solutions operate within a predefined corridor, although this can be broadened by development tools such as the SAP Cloud Platform.

From the range of technologies that are available, companies thus face the challenge of picking the mix that is best suited to their business, planning the best path to their goal and choosing the best partner to accompany them on this journey. Technology issues must naturally be addressed. Yet at the same time, companies' processes and even the model by which they deliver IT services must be subjected to a critical review.

Allgeier ES is a professional SAP partner that answers every question relating to your enterprise solution. Allgeier ES supports the definition of your IT strategy, helps you choose the optimal solution and provides technical and organizational support for subsequent implementation. We also have suitable services to manage part or all of your infrastructure and application landscape. Allgeier ES has an in-depth understanding of the entire SAP product portfolio and can thus provide a wide range of solutions.

A selection of Allgeier ES's services in this area includes: