Connect your existing channels and make them more transparent and powerful than ever before. With XV Retail, the state-of-the-art retail solution for food and non-food retail in Europe.


On 01 January 2020, the new Kassensicherungsverordnung (KassenSichV) will come into force. From this date, all electronic cash register systems must have TSE certification from the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security). With this measure, the legislator wants to fight money laundering, tax evasion and fraud in the digital age, for example. The good news for all XV Retail customers: XV Retail is already equipped with the necessary functions for secure and legally compliant data exchange between your POS systems and TSE!

Why POS cash register system XV Retail?

The retail market is changing rapidly. The line between online and offline is blurring. The customer is critical and expects seamless integration of multiple channels. Comfort and speed are becoming increasingly important. XV Retail Suite is a state-of-the-art point-of-sale solution for food and non-food retailers in Europe, both in the B2C and B2B segments.

The suite is fully integrated with SAP, connecting all your channels and providing transparency, efficiency and an optimised customer experience.


XV Retail Suite ist viel mehr als nur ein Kassensystem. Mit XV Retail erhalten Sie eine zentrale, innovative und benutzerfreundliche Lösung, mit der Sie all Ihre Prozesse abwickeln können. Von der Abrechnung über Retouren bis zu Loyalty. Online und offline. Schnell, einfach und in Echtzeit. Scan & Smile!

Thanks to the intelligent, user-friendly design of the checkout process, your employees will ensure a pleasant checkout pace. You can thus avoid queues and actively increase the shopping pleasure of your customers. Do you need even more speed and convenience? No problem. XV Retail Suite also supports concepts like Self Check Out and Self Scanning.

The system communicates clearly and interactively with your customer. If a cash register is not in use, you can use the customer screen for marketing purposes. For your customers there is no difference anymore between Brick & Click, between your stores and your webshop. Therefore an OmniChannel control is available as standard and processes such as Click & Collect, as well as the return of (parts of) online orders are fully supported.

With XV Retail Suite you can maintain and control your product portfolio centrally in SAP. The powerful SAP Connector™ connects the suite with your SAP environment. All adjustments that you make in SAP – from article master data to prices and special offers – are available almost immediately at all cash registers in all stores.

The connection with SAP works in two directions. Since every transaction is processed directly in SAP, you have a real-time view of all sales in all stores. Volumes are not a limitation. XV Retail easily processes more than one million transactions per hour. XV Retail Suite does not force you to work in a predetermined way, but adapts to your concept and way of working. The system supports multiple store concepts as well as personalized, customer-specific promotions. Do you work with special types of promotions that are not supported by SAP? No problem. These can be easily created using the central administration module.

If you want to be successful, you have to react quickly to everything that happens in business. To do this, you need insight. This is what XV Retail Suite offers. All sales made via the suite are immediately processed in SAP, so you receive up-to-date and detailed information at any time of day.

You can track in detail how stocks, margins and sales develop during the course of the day. You can easily create modern overviews regarding cash register, store, region, category or product. Display details on specific stores or employees, a risk article or report by exception: All this is possible.

Seamless integration with SAP ensures a completely closed cash and goods flow and prevents or detects fraud and other undesirable behaviour.

Thanks to the close cooperation with Deloitte, your compliance is guaranteed even if you are active in several European countries. XV Retail offers numerous possibilities for further process integration. Think for example of a link with money processors or the integration of your camera system.

Your store managers need to have up-to-date knowledge at all times. What does the turnover look like? What effect do promotions have? How well do individual employees work? By connecting XV Retail Suite with SAP in real time, every store manager has immediate access to all relevant data. In addition, insights on all article (group) levels can be displayed in real time and promotions can be closely monitored. Of course, the system also supports business-specific prices and promotions.

The suite can also be used to create authorization plans, financial day opening and financial day closing. You can also easily assign a (temporary) authorization to an employee. The system accurately captures employee discounts so that you are always within the legal limits.

XV Retail Suite is intuitive and user-friendly. A short briefing is sufficient to be able to work with the cash register. The system offers support for more complex processes. This allows your checkout staff to concentrate fully on the customer. The layout of the cash register screen can be flexibly set up and optimized in a user-friendly way. You can adapt the language of the user interface to the employee, while the interaction with the customer takes place in a different language.

The power of the suite is evident with every item scanned. Special offers and promotions are recalculated with each scan. The customer can see immediately how high his discount is. This prevents annoying questions and unwanted returns.



We asked one of our experts for you: What makes this tool so special and which functions are most important for our customers?

René Opgenorth

“With XV Retail Suite, they are already ready today for the new cash security regulations that will come into force on January 1, 2020. Because: XV Retail is already equipped with the necessary functions for secure and legally compliant data exchange between your POS systems and TSE!”

René Opgenorth, XV Retail Expert
René Opgenorth

Interested in the XV Retail Suite?

Our XV Retail expert, René Opgenorth, will be happy to help you personally!

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René Opgenorth

Interested in the XV Retail Suite?

Our XV Retail expert, René Opgenorth, will be happy to help you personally!

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