Your SAP BW system never stops growing. Would you like to quickly identify potential savings in your system? Then you have come to the right place!


The proven Allgeier BW Housekeeping Cockpit gives you a simple, intuitive way to analyze and optimize your BW systems. Our memory optimizer and system hygiene features show you how substantial improvements can be realized at minimal cost. That is important, because when you use a HANA database, the rule that “memory doesn’t cost a thing” no longer applies!


  • Lower costs
  • Better system performance and greater stability
  • Automated system clean-ups
  • Minimized error sources
  • More efficient use of memory

Installing and using a HANA database is considerably more expensive than using conventional databases. That’s why great importance should be attached to the efficient use of memory.

In other words, only fill the memory space that you really need!

Given the high cost of expanding a HANA database, companies are well advised to tackle the issue of housekeeping as early as possible.

The Allgeier BW Housekeeping Cockpit is a software solution to keep your system tidy and in good order during ongoing operation, but also to prepare it for migration to HANA. It can also help you optimize your use of the HANA database.

An intuitive user interface shows you at a glance everything you need to know about memory management and system hygiene.

The Allgeier BW Housekeeping Cockpit is useful to every company that already runs an SAP BW system – and especially to those that are planning to migrate to HANA.

All companies that run BW on HANA (BW4/HANA) stand to benefit from the Allgeier Housekeeping Cockpit.

  • 30% savings potential
    On memory space

  • Unrivaled on the market
    Exclusive tool from Nagarro Allgeier ES

  • Detailed overview
    Of memory management and system hygiene


Save 30% of your memory capacity with the Allgeier BW Housekeeping Cockpit!


The Allgeier Housekeeping Cockpit analyzes your BW system and identifies potential to optimize the use of database space.

  • PSA and change log tables that are not periodically deleted
  • Change log tables that are not used
  • Info providers that are no longer used in reports
  • Objects such as process chains, DTPs, information packages and queries that are no longer used

Our consultants normally work with you to install the tool and perform analyses.

The findings are then analyzed in order to assess what actions should be taken.

The price is determined by the scope of the project. For projects upward of 40 days, the tool is available free of charge.

To make sure your database stays nice and lean, we also have other solutions for simple, no-gaps housekeeping:

  • Automated deletion of PSA and change log tables
  • Automated generation of process chains for data archiving with NLS


  • Predefined toolsets to limit the growth of basic BW tables
  • Housekeeping task lists for automated table clean-up
  • Scheduling check-up for basic and BW housekeeping reports
  • Data cleansing in info providers
  • Best practices for data lifecycle management and NLS archiving
  • Predefined solution for automated PSA and change log deletion
  • Tool to analyze the age of data in info providers
  • Analysis of obsolete BW objects
  • Secure and simple mass deletion of obsolete objects
  • Tool to check naming conventions for BW objects
  • Vordefinierte Tool-Sets für die Wachstumslimitierung von BW-Basistabellen
  • Housekeeping-Tasklists für die automatisierte Bereinigung von Tabellen
  • Scheduling-Checkup für die Basis- und BW-Housekeeping Reports
  • Datenbereinigung in InfoProvidern
  • Best Practices für Data Lifecycle Management und NLS-Archivierung
  • Vordefinierte Lösung für die automatisierte PSA-und Change-Log-Löschung
  • Tool zur Analyse des Datenalters in InfoProvidern
  • Analyse von obsoleten BW-Objekten
  • Sichere und einfache Massenlöschung von obsoleten Objekten
  • Tool zur Prüfung von Namenskonventionen für BW-Objekte


We asked one of our experts what makes this tool so special and which of its functions are most important to our customers?

Ilias Hatzisymeonidis

The Allgeier BW Housekeeping Cockpit is a quick and efficient tool to analyze an SAP BW system. In just two days, we can show you how to save up to 30%!

Ilias Hatzisymeonidis, Managing Consultant SAP Analytics
Ilias Hatzisymeonidis

Interested in the BW Housekeeping Cockpit?

Ilias Hatzisymeonidis, our Managing Consultant SAP Analytics, will be happy to help you!

Contact Ilias now
Ilias Hatzisymeonidis

Interested in the BW Housekeeping Cockpit?

Ilias Hatzisymeonidis, our Managing Consultant SAP Analytics, will be happy to help you!

Contact Ilias now