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Allgeier Enterprise Services

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Our managed services

A key pillar of Allgeier's "SAP Enterprise Services" portfolio

Mission-critical applications have to be operated with the greatest of care and backed by excellent failsafe features. At the same time, the innovation cycles in hardware and software are growing shorter and shorter, so not every company wants or can afford to keep a sufficient breadth and depth of technical knowledge available in-house. Allgeier Enterprise Services' accredited data centers and cloud solutions give you the option of outsourcing your data management – putting it in the safest of hands at transparent, predictable cost.

Managed services are a key pillar of Allgeier Enterprise Services' portfolio. We supply you with end-to-end IT service that is tailored to your specific needs. From implementation to operation and ongoing optimization and expansion, Allgeier ES helps you get the most out your IT applications in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness. Just as importantly, we also leave you free to concentrate on your core business.

We provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Application management (business process and functional support)
  • Business consulting (conceptual IT consulting)
  • End-user services (workplace service and desktop services) 
  • Platform and infrastructure services (infrastructure, cloud services and technical support)
  • SAP Partner Edge (distribution of SAP software licenses and the handling of SAP maintenance for both on-premise and cloud solutions)
  • Service orchestration (service management and a service desk)

Application management services

Application management services involve shouldering responsibility for the care and ongoing development of your IT landscape.

Platform and infrastructure services

Our modern data centers and cloud solutions give you the option of outsourcing your data management securely and at predictable cost.

Governance and orchestration

Projects bring widely differing organizational cultures together. That calls for a lot of interaction between the individuals and org units concerned.